Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Everything is a Roku replacement

Everything Roku shall herein be referred to as the HD1000 aka Photobridge aka the coolest video playback device potentially ever. Thin client media playback was such a swell idea and we all tried it and we did it but Roku saw the future and it had HDMI all over it and more than that - Digital Rights Managent, which I'm sure Roku didn't want to mess with nor probably had the legal treasury to support. I understand why the HD1000 was left to die.

Microsoft has the treasury to enter agreements with those who want to protect their content and thus Vista is probably over 50 percent coded to support DRM. That seems like it sucks but for $89 I picked up Vista Home Premium OEM and came away with an awesome Media playback machine that supports DRM. And Vista plays games and does a bunch of other stuff too: though not sure exactly what, or why.

Bye bye thin client media playback machine aka Roku welcome Roku Replacement.

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